Creating transparent displays for enhanced safety and comfort


Automotive companies envision a world with safer, smarter, and more comfortable journeys. Displays that facilitate drivers’ heads-up and eyes-forward behavior are in high demand. Alongside our innovation partners, Ceres is delivering tomorrow’s display solutions for that new world, today.

Delivering safety, comfort and enhanced UX with Holographic Transparent Display HUD

Imagine a future where every transparent surface has the potential to be an information display. Ceres make that dream possible today with precision engineered display technology that enable every transparent surface to display information, opening up a world of opportunities.

Imagine the endless possibilities to deliver and display real-time data, relevant and targeted information, enhancing safety, convenience, connectivity, quality and so much more.

Transparent Display


Large area, bright, compact, and economical HUDs have long been a dream of OEMs but the technical, design and economic challenges have stood in the way of mass adoption.

With holographic technology practical implementation of Transparent Heads Up Display (HUD) in vehicles is now possible. Ceres’ proven design, mastering and production methods combine to deliver huge benefit including:

  • Largest Display Size
  • Highest Brightness and Uniformity
  • System Geometry and Wavelength Flexibility
  • Multiple Displays in a Single Film For Low Cost

Our game-changing software controlled hologram mastering and manufacturing capability is enabling new optical and display possibilities for mass market applications. With our un-matched expertise in Bayfol® HX photopolymer we are laser-focused on the road ahead…


Future-focused photonics.


“Ceres Holographics stand at the forefront of a new era for holography. They have delivered a number of ground-breaking advances in the way in which holograms are created in our Bayfol HX® photopolymer and can be delivered for mass-market applications.”

—Dr Thomas Facke, Covestro AG

Latest news

6 February 2024

Transparent Displays Come Into Focus

Auto industry analysts say the cockpit user experience is more important than horsepower in the EV era, and transparent display technology can be key while also enhancing vehicle safety.

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