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Our team is composed of highly skilled engineers, scientists, and designers. We are passionate about the power of innovation to improve the world around us and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.

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Some of the highest profile companies in the world are using our transformational technology to help them redefine their products and customer experiences. We are always looking to expand our team with talented and passionate professionals who want to be part of this transformation.

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Our History

Bringing the future into focus


Ian Redmond develops deep holographic and optical expertise over 20 years in a variety of leading research and industrial enterprises and in 2009 founds Ceres Imaging, later renamed Ceres Holographics to reflect change in target markets.

Focus is proving the technology, developing the digital mastering technology, developing replication technology to prove full-colour large format copying, and market testing concept products.


Bayer Material Science IPO as Covestro in 2015 , further develop the PhotoPolymer material that originated in Bell Labs and make it commercially available, marketing it as Bayfol HX.

Ceres Holographics tests over 50 formulations and helps optimise Bayfol HX for holographic digital printing.


Deep engagement with leading OEMs, with a particularly strong interest in AR-HUD, leads Ceres to invest its own capital in development of Analogue Holography and feasibility of Digital Mastering of AR HOEs.