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Our mission is to revolutionize the design, origination, mastering and replication of volume holograms using our proprietary equipment and the new holographic photopolymer materials that enable transparent and augmented reality products and applications.

Our team is composed of highly skilled engineers, scientists, and designers. We are passionate about the power of innovation to improve the world around us and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services.

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Some of the highest profile companies in the world are using our transformational technology to help them redefine their products and customer experiences. We are always looking to expand our team with talented and passionate professionals who want to be part of this transformation.

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Our History

Bringing the future into focus


Dr Ian Redmond with deep holographic and optical expertise over 20 years in a variety of leading research and development positions founds the company to pursue new digital printing technology for hologram recording in emerging new photopolymer material born out of holographic data storage industry.

Bayer Material Science GmBH license and develop the PhotoPolymer material that originated in Bell Labs and make it commercially available, marketing it as Bayfol HX. Ceres tests over 50 formulations and helps optimise Bayfol HX for new applications while optimising its own holographic digital printing technology.

Focus is proving and developing the core digital mastering and replication technology, to prove the viability of producing full-colour large format holograms for advertising and anti-counterfeiting applications.

Ceres conducts early market testing and production of first concept image hologram products.


Ceres ends 5 year program of digital master printer R&D and looks towards beachhead market opportunities with existing printer technology configuration.

Ceres is approached by the first automotive OEMs to assess whether digital mastering technology can assist development of Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) that can enable a new generation of high specification and compact HUD for vehicles.


The company refines and optimises the Master Printer and Flat-Bed Replication Technology for Transparent Display applications in vehicles .

Main applications are now Image Holograms and Holographic Optical Elements for Transparent Displays.

Ceres contracted for 3 OEM prototyping projects.


Commencement of production replication machine development.

Strong market traction and initial projects with automotive OEMs allows the company to raise funding and plan for the development of feasible production R2R machinery.

Ceres contracted for 5 OEM prototyping projects.


Deep engagement with leading OEMs, with a particularly strong interest in AR-HUD, leads Ceres to invest its own capital in development of Digital Mastering of AR HOEs.

Ceres contracted for 6 OEM prototyping projects across Transparent display and Augmented Reality HUD (ARHUD).


Further development of Transparent Display and AR- HUD application prototypes.

EU H2020 grant secured as a single applicant to fund the build of first ever full-width mass production R2R hologram replication machine.

Ceres contracted for 6 OEM prototyping projects.


1st full width (1400mm ) HoloFlekt® R2R machine base completed and delivered to Livingston site Nov 2021, where it is fitted out with Ceres proprietary replication beam control, optics, and software.

Ceres contracted for 6 OEM prototyping projects.


1st run of full width BayfolHX and delivered to interlayer partner Eastman chemical.

1st run of 50 full size films in real windshields at key OEM glass lamination partner.

Ceres contracted for 5 OEM prototyping projects.


Ceres and Eastman demonstrate finished holographic windshields at CES2023 – Creating huge interest and demand from multiple new OEMs who now see the potential plus the readiness.

Steady growth of OEM partnerships continues, with seven partners engaged in 2023.

Ceres contracted for 7 OEM prototyping projects and signs 1st MOU with leading OEM.

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