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Ceres Holographics is delivering on the promise of holography for mass market applications.  Our business strategy is to enable our partners to be as innovative as possible by removing the technical barriers to holographic technology. 

Starting in the automotive sector, Ceres Hologrpahics is at the heart of an ecosystem bringing holographic technology to in-glass display applications.  We are partnering with the world’s leading automakers and tier-one suppliers, to enable next-generation display systems.

With our holographic design, mastering and replication solution and by working with key companies throughout the supply chain, we are able to transform glass surfaces – such as windshields, side windows, sun-roofs, and windows into smart, interactive see-through, full-colour displays.

Our collaborations with key companies is enabling us to develop world-class holographic technology-based systems and hologram integration solutions at the quality, pricing levels and production volumes required by the market.  

Logo | Covestro

Covestro – Film Development 

Ceres Holographics has been working closely with Covestro for more than a decade to advance the Covestro Bayfol® HX photopolymer film for holography and accelerate the commercialization of Ceres’ digital mastering and replication technology for automotive and commercial transparent display applications.

Logo | TI

Texas Instruments – Project Development

Ceres Holographics and Texas Instruments developed a full-color automotive holographic transparent display system that combines Ceres’ digitally-mastered Holographic Optical Eleents with the Texas Instruments DLP5530-Q1 chipset, dramatically reducing the projector package size while maximizing the end display performance.

See our news releases from CES and SID.

Logo | TQ

TQ Technologies – Lighting and Projector Development 

Ceres Holographics partnered with lighting and projector expert TQ Technology to develop proof-of-concept systems for a range of applications, including driver-facing displays of cluster instrumentation, infotainment and guidance in passenger vehicles, and navigation and route information in last-mile delivery vehicles.

See our news release.

Logo | Eastman

Eastman – Integration Process Development

Ceres Holographics is working with Eastman Chemical Company to integrate Ceres-designed Holographic Optical Elements into windshields for transparent display applications to help accelerate the delivery of holographic windshields to automotive OEMs.