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Our Approach

Ceres Holographics is a fast-growing holographic technology company, with a team of expert scientists and engineers based in Scotland.

We enable next-generation transparent and Augmented Reality displays with our holographic optical element (HOE) design, origination and replication technology.

Benefits of our approach


Ceres solutions are based on HOEs produced with digitally-controlled mastering technology that has been in development for more than ten years and produces high-quality master holograms in a precision engineered, repeatable way, which is not possible with analogue recording methods.


Ceres’ technology enables a whole new class of transparent display systems for front, side and rear windows. We are partnering with the world’s leading automakers and tier one automotive suppliers to enable AR HUD and transparent display systems that improve passenger safety and comfort.


Ceres holographic optical elements (HOEs) optical power deliver a new level of performance for AR HUD and transparent display systems with much reduced package size over conventional or alternative technologies.

Volume Production

Ceres can already perform high-quality replication of all types of holograms almost 6000X faster than the digital mastering process and is transferring that replication technology to full roll-to-roll production machine format which will have the capacity to serve each market’s required capacity.