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Our Mission

To enable next-generation Transparent and Augmented Reality systems with transformational technology for holographic optical element (HOE) design, origination, and manufacture.

Benefits of our approach


Digitally-controlled pixel-wise mastering produces high-quality master holograms in a precision engineered, repeatable way. It enables software controlled geometric configuration, and precise control of light not possible with traditional analogue recording methods.


With a software-based design and digitally controlled recording process, designers have more flexibility in terms of exploring the system design possibilities and can quickly re-master should there be changes in the target geometry or placement of HUD projectors. Pixel-wise recording mean more flexibility in terms of usable HUD projector wavelengths, and the recording process is tolerant to vibration enabling repeatable mastering.


Digitally mastered holograms can be larger, brighter, more uniform, and have less artefacts than analogue recorded masters. This expands the possibilities in term of system impact, quality, and reliability.

Volume Production for Scaling

Ceres have proven advanced replication technology to bring to market full roll-to-roll production machinery, which has the capacity required to serve each market’s needs either directly from the Ceres manufacturing facility or through licencing the machinery and supplying tooling.