Our mission is to revolutionize the design, origination and mastering of volume holograms using the new holographic photopolymer materials that enable transparent and augmented reality products and applications.

Digitally-Controlled Pixel-Wise Mastering Technology

At the heart of our offering – and what sets Ceres apart from other companies in this space – is our mastering and replication technology. Now industrialised and delivering results, this technology is available to our customers and partners. We offer Ceres’ design services alongside our unique mastering capability, our deep working knowledge of Bayfol HX® photopolymer film, and our in-house expertise in photonics and light-guiding solutions.



Photonics for life

We are scaling our technology to deliver a new generation of connected capabilities and user experiences. As experts in Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), we design, master and replicate thin-film precision engineered optical components using our HoloFlekt® technology, and deploy them in partnership with industry innovators around the globe for a wide range of applications including automotive, commercial trucking, public transport, wearables, architectural, lighting and more.

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New holographic transparent display systems make our world safer and our lives more comfortable. From improved automotive experiences to enhanced retail environments we are focused on working with our partners to deliver real-world benefits in key sectors.

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