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Virtual image HOEs enabling Augmented Reality for Far-field HUDs

Far Field Head Up Display systems enabled with a Holographic Optical Element (HOE) is not a new concept – even in the automotive sector! But the right holographic material with the right environmental and integration potential has never been available.
Covestro’s Bayfol HX has rekindled the dream of compact far-field HUDs. Moreover, now in this era of transformation of the automotive industry with partial and full autonomous driving requirements being considered alongside new monetization possibilities for the last un-monetized screen the desire for holographic HUD has never been higher.

Ceres Virtual image HOEs are enabling full Augmented Reality Heads Up Display systems with the largest and highest performance yet seen. Furthermore Ceres pursuit of the next stage of its digital mastering technology promises to enable the precision design and mastering of VI-HOEs for multiple applications without the problems associated with Analogue recording methods. This is Ceres unique advantage.

Ceres plays a key roll in the design of the whole holographic AR HUD system and works closely with the Hud projector suppliers to explain the system geometry and illumination requirements to design and optimise the whole system. Ceres have produced full reference designs to show the full potential of holographic AR HUD.