Transparent Display

A clear vision

Imagine a future where every transparent surface has the potential to be an information display. Our digitally mastered HOEs make that dream possible today.

Ceres precision engineered holographic diffusers enable every transparent surface to become a highly transparent screen that can display projected information, opening up a world of opportunities. Now imagine the endless possibilities to deliver and display real-time data, relevant and targeted information, enhancing safety, convenience, connectivity, quality and so much more.

The technology has multiple applications across multiple sectors. In automotive, transparent displays are being used as an ultra-compact heads-up-display (HUD) system, which helps keep the driver’s attention on the road. The same solution offers scope for enhancing the front and rear passenger in-vehicle experience.

Holographic Transparent Display Advantage

Transparent Displays enabled by holographic optical element diffusers offer huge advantage over competing enabling technologies like LCD, OLED, or Nanopartical. The primary advantage is that they are actually transparent! They are also passive. No wires! No connectors! They are a once-programmed piece of film that is wavelength matched to the low cost projectors’ diodes, that is laminated inside the windshield between the glass layers. Protected and safe.



Ceres advantage

Ceres’ ability to precision program every pixel to an arbitrary light reflecting geometry provides multiple advantage over other methods of recording holograms. It enables geometries for on or off-axis systems, and allows projectors to be placed more easily in car cockpits or car roofline areas where space is at a premium.

The ultra-small projectors which are LED diode based and require no aspheric mirror components, combined with HOE programmability offer the OEMs the design freedom to think out of the box when designing the system.

Benefits of holographic transparent displays made by Ceres:

  • Larger area displays are possible
  • Multiple displays per windshield
  • Easily re-configured or modified by digital re-print
  • Greater off-Axis system design potential
  • More projector diode wavelength options