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Transparent Display

Our digitally mastered HOEs enable every transparent surface to become an information display

Ceres precision engineered diffuser HOEs enable every transparent surface to become an information display. The technology has multiple applications across multiple sectors. Think of the Minority Report movie for examples of architectural and office glass applications.

In automotive, transparent displays are being used as an ultra-compact cluster/console replacement display system, which helps keep the driver’s attention on the road and offers scope for enhancing the front and rear passenger experience.

Another key feature of these diffuser HOEs is Ceres ability to precision program every pixel to an arbitrary light reflecting geometry within the scope of the current master printer. This enables system geometries for on or off-axis projector package arrangements that can be accommodated efficiently in the car. The ultra-small projectors are LED diode based and offer the OEMs the design freedom to think out of the box.

This demo by CERES Holographics at CES2020 showcases a digital windscreen cluster with holographic display, illuminated by a TI DLP Auto projector. A DLP5530-Q1 chipset processes and projects the light onto the CERES holographic film. This is the ideal design for transparent window display applications.

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