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Transparent Display

In-plane HOEs to enable every transparent surface to become an information display

Ceres transparent precision engineered diffuser HOEs enable every transparent surface to become an information display. The technology has multiple applications across multiple sectors. Think minority report for architectural and office glass applications.
In automotive it is being used as an ultra-compact cluster/console replacement display system which helps keep drivers attention on the road, and offers scope for enhancing the front and rear passenger experience.

Ceres Virtual image HOEs are enabling full Augmented Reality Heads Up Display systems with the largest and highest performance yet seen. Furthermore Ceres pursuit of the next stage of its digital mastering technology promises to enable the precision design and mastering of VI-HOEs for multiple applications without the problems associated with Analogue recording methods. This is Ceres unique advantage.

This demo by CERES Holographics at CES2020 showcases a digital windscreen cluster with holographic display, illuminated by a TI DLP Auto projector. A DLP5534-Q1 chipset processes and projects the light onto the CERES holographic film. This is the ideal design for transparent window display applications.