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Ceres Holographics is leading the way toward a new generation of display capabilities enabling enhanced safety, convenience and navigation regardless of the vehicle’s operating mode. Our holographic display technology offers a more seamless and natural interaction, keeping us informed, but less distracted.

Ceres’ ground-breaking HoloFlekt® film technology transforms a windshield into an ultra-bright, full colour, compact and flexible Heads-Up Display, where safety, operational, navigation and infotainment content can all be shown in a clear and non-distractive manner regardless of external light conditions.

Safety and comfort

Ceres’ transparent display design solutions enable new line-of-sight display applications in passenger vehicles to provide drivers, and passengers with a safer, more enjoyable on-the-road experience. When drivers keep their eyes forward and heads up they not only improve their own safety but that of other road users and pedestrians around them. All this while still achieving the quality, price points and production volumes demanded by automotive OEMs.

Some of the key benefits to commercial vehicles include:

  • Increased safety: Transparent Displays can be used to project information onto the windshield when required, such as navigation directions or warnings about hazards making consumption easier and more relaxed.
  • Improved comfort: the same technology can be used to project entertainment or information onto the windshield, such as movies or news for passengers or even drivers when in autonomous mode. This can help to keep drivers entertained and informed while they are on the road yet ready to take back control of the vehicle.
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