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Ceres Holographics Advances Hologram Mastering and Replication to Enable Multiple Customized Display HUD in a single Windshield Enhancing Safety and In-Vehicle UX

23 April 2024

Ceres Unveils Multiple Transparent Display HUD at DVN Interior Köln Workshop

Key Takeaways:

  • Largest Field of View HUD enabled by Ceres replication of multiple custom holographic optical elements (HOEs) into one windshield-size film
  • Each display area is customized for the intended viewer and is only visible to them, ensuring safety, comfort and optimal UX while keeping drivers’ attention on the road ahead.
  • Holography is the only way to achieve this major milestone, of custom off-axis display geometries at the scale and price point required for mass-market applications

Köln, Germany, – April 23, 2024 – Ceres Holographics today demonstrated the world’s first in-plane heads-up display (HUD) implementation with multiple, separate transparent displays displaying content on one windshield. Each separate display area, measuring up to 400mm by 300mm, contains a specifically programmed holographic optical element (HOE) each, resulting in the industry’s largest field of view HUD. This capability can only be achieved using holography and the ability to direct and manipulate light outside the normal confines of traditional reflection and diffractive optics. Each display can be configured at specific (off-axis) viewing angles within the windshield to show information and content for the intended user only – without obscuring the view of the road ahead.

The triple configuration transparent display solution, being shown at the Driving Vision News Interior Workshop this week, is precision engineered and each HOE digitally mastered, before being replicated in volume using Ceres’ Holoflekt™ 1400mm wide roll-to-roll manufacturing machinery. Using an advanced photopolymer film in a proprietary stack for automotive manufacture, the machinery produces each of the prescribed HOEs in a single piece of windshield sized film. The final film is then laminated inside the windshield ready for inclusion in the car. The windshield is then coupled with compact projection units from trusted suppliers to produce a full colour, wide field-of-view transparent display HUD, improving safety, comfort and UX for the OEMs customers.

“This is a major milestone – demonstrating that we can extend our transparent display HUD solution across the windshield to save time, money and provide a wider variety of UX options for drivers and passengers,” said Andy Travers, CEO of Holographics. “With our HoloFlekt® technology OEMs can transform any windshield into an ultra-bright, full color and compact multi-display HUD, where safety, operational, navigation and infotainment content can all be shown in a clear and non-distractive manner regardless of external light conditions. Because of the off-axis viewing angles required, the only way to achieve this is with holography.”

By enabling up to three display systems in a single sheet of film the solution saves cost and simplifies the complete manufacturing process required to implement a multi-display transparent HUD. In such a configuration where information is displayed specifically for the intended viewer, the driver could see essential operational information in a non-distracting way, as well as important safety alerts and situational information from a second display.  The third display aimed at the passenger – could act as a connected screen for entertainment, work or destination content.

Ceres Holographics’ design methodology tailors the solution for the specific geometry and windshield curvature of the intended vehicle as well as defining the projector specification. The software-based mastering approach is a dramatic improvement over traditional hologram recording techniques which require manufacture and adjustment of large physical optical hardware.  Ceres method allows rapid customization and reformatting of TD-HUDs based on customers’ unique specifications.

The multi-HOE solution is available for implementation in proof of concept (PoC) projects with select OEMs and Tier One suppliers.


About Ceres Holographics

Headquartered in Livingston, Scotland, Ceres Holographics specializes in the design, digital mastering and replication of next-generation, thin-film Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) for new transparent display (TD) and augmented reality applications.  With extensive expertise in photonic, optical systems and holographic photopolymer films, Ceres Holographics empowers organizations to create immersive visual experiences that enhance product functionality and performance for mass-market applications in automotive, transportation, aerospace and wearable technology.

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