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Ceres Holographics recognized as one of the most promising technology companies at TechTour Photonics & Electronics 2022

19 December 2022

Ceres Holographics was named one of the top presenters at the recent Photonics & Electronics 2022 investment event held in Eindhoven. The event, organized by Tech Tour, focused on emerging suppliers of photonics-related technology in areas such as production equipment and machine vision, communications and optical components and infrastructure, and lighting & displays. It attracted applications from over 80 technology startups across Europe. A jury of top experts from the VC and corporate investment community judged the presentations against a variety of criteria, including technology potential, go-to market strategy and business model.

Ceres Holographics’ CEO Andy Travers’ investment pitch was ranked as one of the 12 best-scored presentations from the more than 80 that were considered.

“We are delighted that the judging panel, who are among some of the most knowledgeable advisors and investors in photonics technology, have clearly validated the value proposition behind our industry transforming technology for mastering and producing holographic-based transparent display solutions.

Our patented HoloFlekt® thin film technology leverages cost, performance and size advantages enabling transparent display HUDs to finally be a practical and viable option for high volume automotive use. Our technology is resonating throughout the industry and Global OEMs have taken notice of how our precision engineered HOEs display content in a clear, safe and non-distractive way.”

At the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas, and in partnership with Eastman Chemical Inc. who have perfected the necessary lamination process for including HoloFlekt® films inside the windshield, Ceres will demonstrate the industry’s first complete holographic display system, which overcomes all the traditional barriers to implementation and transforms a windshield into an ultra-bright, full color, low cost, compact and flexible HUD suitable for mass adoption.

Next-generation transparent display solutions for automotive are a high growth market sector as OEMs look for ways to differentiate their vehicles through enabling new user experiences, innovative in-cabin design, and delivering new safety features through Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and autonomous capabilities. It is estimated the driver display/HUD market will be worth $3.4B by 2025 (and growing at a CAGR 31.3%). Market analysts estimate that 30% of all cars will have a windshield display by 2025. Furthermore, the transparent display market is expected to reach 8.4Bn by 2027 with CAGR of 39% to reach $24bn by 2030. (Source MarketsandMarkets)


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