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Screenless Displays Market: An In-depth Analysis from 2018-2027, Highlighting Key Players, Types, Applications… Challenges and Risk Factors in the Competitive Landscape

01 February 2023

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Well-known players in the screenless display industry include 3D Holographic Display, Microsoft Corp., Avegant Corp., BAE Systems Inc., Holoxica Ltd., Ceres Holographics Ltd., RealView Imaging Ltd., Leia Display System, Google Inc., MicroVision Inc., Seereal Technologies S.A., and Synaptics Inc.

Screenless display is a relatively new technology that is currently in its early stages. It is a developing display technology that eliminates the need for a screen or projector to transmit and display data for users.

Even though the technology is in its infancy, the screenless display market is likely going to expand immensely throughout this decade. This expansion is due to the technological advancements of these displays that allow companies to reduce their hardware production costs.

Screens are one of the most expensive hardware components to produce, and this latest technology will allow firms to cut the expensive costs of producing or outsourcing screens. They resolve the device miniaturisation issue and can replace costly display screens.

The introduction of technologies like digital image processing and virtual reality is primed to help this market thrive globally. Various industries like the medical, healthcare, transportation, automotive, aerospace, defence, and consumer electronics industry can greatly benefit from screenless display technologies and products.

This high demand is one of the key factors driving the growth of the global screenless displays market in coming years.

Screenless displays are designed to use interactive technologies like 3D projection. They have wide applications for head-up projections/ displays, holographic projections, and head-mounted projections.

The recent widespread rise and penetration of the latest holographic solutions is a key application for this market, that offers immense growth opportunities for key players in coming years…

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