Design. Master. Replicate. Transform.

There is good reason why Ceres’ hologram design, mastering, and replication technology is second to none. We started developing the core digital master printer technology over 15 years ago and in those early days this technology was used to assist Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro™) develop and advance the performance of its new photopolymer material for light guiding and image hologram applications. They recognised, and confirmed, the advantage of this (digital) approach in terms of design and manufacturing flexibility and repeatability. Benefits that hold true today, when making very large HOEs for a new generation of Transparent Displays.

Ceres knew that replication of its precision printed HOE masters was a necessity for volume production and scaling. The accumulated know-how from over 15 years R&D into mastering and replication for volume manufacture is realised in Ceres HoloFlekt® 1400mm wide roll-to-roll manufacturing machinery which came on line in 2021.

“…(Ceres) carries a very deep knowledge and understanding of the technology, which helped them develop their products. Their people appear to have been at the beginning of holographic material development for commercial applications. And in an emerging field where technological prowess makes or breaks things, this represents a high advantage.” —Zine Bouhamri, Team Lead Analyst, Imaging & Display at Yole Intelligence

Ceres is now leveraging this knowledge, technical capability, to delivering the largest and highest specification HOEs for new Transparent Head-Up-Display systems which are changing the future of connected mobility.

This game-changing software controlled hologram mastering and manufacturing capability is enabling new Transparent Display possibilities for mass market applications. With our un-matched expertise in Bayfol® HX photopolymer we are laser-focused on the road ahead…

No commercially independent company has more knowledge and experience in using the industry leading Covestro™ Bayfol HX® photopolymer. Ceres has optimised the master printer technology and roll-to-roll production technology for the beachhead market in automotive where it has significant traction.

It has spent 5 years aligning this technology, and manufacturing capability for automotive, in cooperation with the globally leading windshield interlayer partner, Eastman Chemical Inc. in order to realize the huge opportunity for Transparent Display for automotive.



Guiding light is our business

We have the technology, equipment, and capability to deliver transformational light-guiding holographic solutions to customers and industry innovators around the globe. Our mission does not stop with the automotive market. Our pioneering technology is at the heart of a new dawn of optics and display innovation across multiple markets.

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