Pixel perfect

Tailored to your specific geometry and application requirements

From designing the whole holographic display system, through prototyping, to delivery of final HOEs in volume as HoloFlekt® films ready for windshield lamination Ceres are with you every step of the way.

Ceres has its own design, origination and digitally controlled mastering technology for holographic optical elements (HOEs). Once we understand the final system geometry, projector specification requirements, and the windshield curvature, we can adjust and re-print the final HOE masters so they they are ready to be used for mass-production.

Ceres support the end customers’ preferred Tier 1 projector and windshield partners so they understand the workings of the HOE within the system, and the performance requirements of their components.

Design advantage

The advantages of Ceres digital mastering approach are transformational for the industrialization of holography. Compared to traditional analogue recording methods which require preparation and adjustment of large glass and mirror optical hardware Ceres approach is software based in terms of making large or small adjustments at the mastering stage of the process.

This means that Ceres can accommodate changes in the final system specification, and re-master in a fraction of the time it will take traditional holography companies to adjust and re-calculate a new recording setup, re-design and manufacture recording optical components, and then re-shoot the master. Ceres design advantage is our customers advantage.

Delivering the most advanced holographic-based display systems

“Ceres Holographics stand at the forefront of a new era for holography. They have delivered a number of ground-breaking advances in the way in which holograms are created in our Bayfol HX® photopolymer and can be delivered for mass-market applications”—Dr Thomas Facke, Covestro AG

Ceres is helping to fulfil the commercial promise of holography for mass market applications with its transformational pixel-wise digital mastering and scalable replication technology.

No commercially independent company has more design knowledge and practical experience in using the industry leading Covestro™ Bayfol HX® photopolymer. And no-one, other than Ceres, has reached this stage of maturity in using pixel-wise master printer technology and full roll-to-roll production machinery, and aligning both with the automotive supply-chain partners necessary to realize the huge mass-market automotive display opportunity.

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Ceres journey film

Ceres Holographics is leading the way toward a new generation of display capabilities enabling enhanced safety, convenience and navigation regardless of the vehicle’s operating mode. Our holographic display technology offers a more seamless and natural interaction, keeping us informed, but less distracted.

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Transparent Display

Imagine a future where every transparent surface has the potential to be an information display. Our digitally mastered HOEs make that dream possible today.