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Tailored to your specific geometry and application needs

Ceres is helping to fulfil the commercial promise of holography for mass market applications with its transformational pixel-wise digital mastering and replication technology, and our deep expertise with Bayfol® HX photopolymer.

No commercially independent company has more knowledge and experience in using Covestro’s Bayfol HX® photopolymer,
and no-one, other than Ceres, has the digital mastering technology and fully aligned production machinery,
which is critical for realizing mass-market opportunities.

Delivering the most advanced holographic-based display systems

Ceres has developed its own digital design, origination and mastering process, as well as the necessary replication technology for mass-production. During the early days Ceres assisted Covestro™ to advance the formulation and performance of its photopolymer material for light guiding and image hologram applications.

Ceres is now leveraging this knowledge and technical capability to deliver the most advanced HOEs for new display systems. Ceres support our customers through every step of designing the entire holographic based system to delivery of final HOEs in volume.