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Digital Mastering

The Ceres design and origination system, creates master holograms pixel-by-pixel, from a computer generated data set generated with our proprietary design flow and toolset. Years of investment, accumulated know-how and expertise, have delivered unmatched capability to design and produce HOEs that control light for a wide range of optical functions and display applications.

The Ceres digital master printer technology is designed to be able to produce pixel wise large area volume holograms in Bayfol HX® photopolymer. Ceres can help customers understand which specific Bayfol HX® photopolymer and substrate might be right for mastering the application and then producing in volume for the end application.
The Ceres master printer can produce master holograms on a pixel-by-pixel basis in sizes ranging from a few square cm up to A2 sheet size.

"Delivering precision optical power in a light and compact thin-film format"

Ceres digital mastering equipment is primarily used to create high-performance Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) for new transparent display applications that need high performance light-controlling diffusers in a compact thin-film format that is completely transparent.

High-performance Virtual Image HOEs for AR applications are currently originated in Ceres analogue mastering facility. It is working extend its digital mastering approach to the production of HOE masters for AR applications.

The Ceres Advantage

1. Digital Mastering Expertise

2. Digitally mastered diffusers for curved combiner

3. Analogue mastered mirrors for AR applications

4. Design and Consultancy Service