Digital Mastering


Our Technology

Digitally-Controlled Pixel-Wise Mastering Technology

At the heart of our offering – and what sets Ceres apart from other companies in this space – is our hologram mastering technology. Now fully industrialised, this capability is fully available to our customers and partners. We offer Ceres’ system design services alongside our unique mastering capability, our deep working knowledge of Bayfol HX® photopolymer film, and our in-house expertise in photonics and light-guiding solutions.

Ceres transformational mastering technology is used to create master holograms pixel-by-pixel from a computer-generated data set output from our proprietary design flow and toolset. Years of investment, accumulated knowledge, and expertise have delivered unmatched capability to design and deliver the highest specification HOEs for a wide range of optical functions and display applications.

The software controlled master printer is capable of producing the largest  area volume holograms in Bayfol HX® photopolymer. Something not easily done using traditional analogue methods.

The master printer builds master holograms on a pixel-by-pixel basis in sizes ranging from a few square cm up to A2 sheet size. Far in excess of anything possible, on a repeat basis, using traditional analogue recording techniques.

Beyond design, uniformity and quality advantages, the pixel-based approach offers significant advantages in terms of final system flexibility and cost.

Ceres helps customers understand which specific Bayfol HX® photopolymer variant, thickness, and substrate type is best suited for their specific end application.

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Serious Advantages

Ceres digital master printer and pixel-wise approach means that large high performance Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) can be produced in a way that offers significant advantage over traditional methods of recording masters.


  • Software based pre-compensation
  • Higher performance, precision, and uniformity
  • Lower recording laser power gives multiple benefits
  • Design flexibility, repeatability, and faster iteration
  • No theoretical limit to size
Ceres journey film

Ceres Holographics is leading the way toward a new generation of display capabilities enabling enhanced safety, convenience and navigation regardless of the vehicle’s operating mode. Our holographic display technology offers a more seamless and natural interaction, keeping us informed, but less distracted.

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Technological prowess


“…(Ceres) carries a very deep knowledge and understanding of the technology, which helped them develop their products. Their people appear to have been at the beginning of holographic material development for commercial applications. And in an emerging field where technological prowess makes or breaks things, this represents a high advantage.”

—Yole Group

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