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Ceres Holographics is pioneering a new generation of holographic display solutions that provide enhanced safety, convenience, and navigation for a full range of mobility applications.

With extensive expertise in photonics and unique knowledge of light-guiding photopolymer, Ceres developed a new core holographic film offering called HoloFlekt.

The Ceres HoloFlekt light-guiding film solution is based on advanced Bayfol® HX photopolymer from Covestro. It delivers optical systems that embed precision-engineered, thin-film Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), and can be mass produced cost-effectively.

Ceres’ end-to-end holographic system and HOE design capability allows the development of customer-specific holographic master designs that can be digitally mastered and then re-produced as thousands of perfect replicas in large format HoloFlekt films, enabling OEMs and Tier One vendors to implement custom Transparent Display and AR HUD solutions in next generation vehicles.


The first of its kind, roll-to-roll (R2R) industrialized replication machine is installed at a purpose-built 8,000-square foot Ceres facility in Livingston, Scotland. This industrialised equipment enables the production of finished, full-size HoloFlekt films used in breakthrough display applications across the mobility sector.

Ceres received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SME research and innovation program under the grant agreement # 858172 for the development of this new production machine as part of the View Ahead Project.

Ceres Holographic Transparent Display Solution

In this configuration the HoloFlekt film, coupled with a Texas Instruments DLP®  based projector enables the display of full RGB colour content on a windshield.

The HoloFlekt film is designed to guide projected light to the driver’s eye-box. Content is positioned below the driver’s line of sight, ensuring comfortable viewing and minimal driver distraction.