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"Reliable, fast and high-quality replication"

Reliable, fast and high-quality replication of all types of Ceres hologram masters to serve the rapidly growing global market for HOEs in Bayfol HX®

Mastering holograms and HOEs is time-consuming. Whether they are printed pixel-by-pixel on Ceres digital printer or mastered in analogue recording facilities, it takes a significant effort on system design, dataset preparation, and final mastering iterations.

"Global success requires economies of scale"

Success in any global mass market requires the relevant volumes to be delivered at an attractive price point and with surety of supply. While the use of HOEs in automotive applications has been prototyped since before the 1980’s, volume holography has always struggled to achieve economies of scale due to the constraints of the recording process and the properties of previous holographic materials not being well suited to mass production and integration in the final carrier substrate. Bayfol HX makes this possible but the replication process for mass production must be in place.

Replication Quality

Our replication process is able to maintain 100% accurate copy quality or better!


Copy Quality

"6000x Faster than the digital mastering process"

From the outset, Ceres targeted the creation and transfer of a viable replication process onto a roll to roll (R2R) production machine as one of its highest priorities. Ceres can already perform high-quality replication of all types of holograms almost 6000X faster than the digital mastering process. At the core of the development of this capability have been flat-bed systems enabling low volume replication of high-performance HOE’s for system prototype development requirements.

Through the H2020 funded VIEW AHEAD project, Ceres is transferring its current low-volume flat-bed replication technology to a full reel-to-reel production machine unit which will have the capacity to serve each market’s required capacity.

The Ceres Advantage

1. Proven Replication Technology

2. 100% accurate copy quality or better!

3. Viable R2R Production Process

4. Replication Technology Licensing model