Volume Production

Our Technology

Designed for demand

Reliable, fast, and high-quality replication of all types of Ceres hologram masters. Ready to serve the growing global demand for HOEs in Bayfol HX® photopolymer.

Mastering takes time

Printing pixel-by-pixel takes time but the end benefits are worth it – large, very high performance, high quality masters exactly as designed.

Replication is fast

Once the master hologram is created it can be replicated on Ceres proprietary roll-to-roll HoloFlekt® production equipment in the volumes required, and at speed, into the final production Bayfol HX® film.


Global success requires economies of scale

Success in any global mass market requires the relevant product volumes to be produced and delivered at an attractive price point and at capacities that ensure supply.

While the use of volume holograms and HOEs in automotive and commercial display applications has been explored and prototyped for decades, volume holography has always struggled to achieve the performance and the economies of scale.

This has been due to the sub-optimal properties of previous holographic materials, constraints with traditional master recording processes, and a lack of any credible industrial manufacturing capability.

Covestro™ Bayfol HX® photopolymer solved the material issues while Ceres mastering and replication equipment makes delivery of performance, quality, and commercial mass production possible.

The Ceres’ Volume Production Advantage

  • Proven roll-to-roll production process and machinery
  • Full width films for automotive windshield application
  • Manufacturing technology licensing model
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Ceres journey film

Ceres Holographics is leading the way toward a new generation of display capabilities enabling enhanced safety, convenience and navigation regardless of the vehicle’s operating mode. Our holographic display technology offers a more seamless and natural interaction, keeping us informed, but less distracted.

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Transparent Display

Imagine a future where every transparent surface has the potential to be an information display. Our digitally mastered HOEs make that dream possible today.